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Friday, October 16, 2015

Rock and Shock Wocester MA 10/16-18/2015

  I stopped writing this blog when readership fell too low for the effort I was putting in. I was still watching and thinking about horror movies but was just not recording those thoughts. I miss it a bit, writing got me more involved in the horror community and I have met some great people and attended many screenings. I have fallen off the map of the horror community since then and I think this event is to at least see what people are doing. I'm going to this event even though I have never been to a horror convention and have to say I am a bit weary of the crowds and noise. So tonight it is a very slow start. I am going to check the scene and attend a movie at the convention center by William Hellfire. He is what I would call an underground film maker who has mostly done micro budget horror and soft porn with Seduction Cinema. I know him and Erin Russ from the always entertaining Alternative Cinema podcast, so I look forward to the film.

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