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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Witch's Sabbath (2005) Horror

Witch's Sabbath (2005) - Horror movies come in all shapes and sizes and this one pushed the limits of what I appreciate. I see value in all movies, people making movies work hard to get stories made and distributed. BUT it is difficult for me to find too much positive about this one. Witch's Sabbath is about a coven of witches who run a strip joint called "Sin and Skin". They need to kill 666 victims with a weird metal glove in order to bring into this world their dark lord. We join the story as they close in on the magic number. Skin maven Syn DeVil plays the leader , Auriana and they story centers around customer couple Damien (Eric Coffin)and Eliza (Christine Cowden), and their friends Seth and Amber? Can I even remember? Anyway The dialog was stunted and didn't flow, the actors read there lines and in the end the monster Lord was a horribly done piece of crap. The video was cheap and the lighting primitive, mostly red and blue hues cast on the background. There is a significant amount of booby in the strip club scenes. This one was not very good I am afraid.
Rating (0.7)

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