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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Straun House (2005) - Horror

The Straun House (2005) - Also called Dr. rage this piece of pulp is a hard watch. Michael Dare, falsely accused of rage problems takes a visit to the Straun Foundation to be part of a medical experiment instead of jail time. What appears to be an anger management program turns out to be so much more. The doctors Timothy Straun (Andrew Divoff) and Susan Verger (Denise Duff) are administering a drug that enduces rage in the recipient and then somehow they are collecting sample from their sweat. It makes really no sense, and that and a Renfield type character named Moe Mobius (John Kassir) is running around the streets giving the drug to homeless guys. Locked in the cellar is a child of Straun's whose secret we learn in the climax. Filling out the cast is Molly the incomparable Karen Black who is a lawyer funnelling men like Michael to the program.
The drug is very addictive and seems to have the opposite effect than one would think. Then we learn that Straun is taking the drug himself and very excited to live through the rage it creates. He sits in a straight jacket while Mobius administers the drug, and watches through spy cams his patient Michael. Slowly we learn that Straun thinks he can move the evolution of man forward by using the drug and releasing the hidden rage in all of us. This unfortunately is not the complete storyline. There is a deep dark family secret that Straun is hiding and in the climax we find out what it is.

This movie is really very incomprehensible with just horrible dialog and a ridiculous plot. There are some cool low budget special effects but in the end this was not the writers idea of a worthy movie.

Rating (1.5) 5.0 and above are recommended On the Zombiegrrlz rating system I would give it,a SKIP IT!