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Friday, January 15, 2010

Valet Girls (1987) Comedy

Valet Girls (1987) - Lucy (Meri D. Marshall) wants to be noticed for her 80's Pop singing talent but how to be seen by the right record industry people? Well if you work as a valet in Hollywood you can meet them at parties, hop on stage and perform and be discovered. This is the idea Lucy is going with in 1987's Valet Girls, a screwball comedy with a lot of screw. A rival valet company messes up the new gig for the girls, Lucy, Rosiland (April Stewart) and Carnation (Mary Kohnert), and there has to be revenge. Meanwhile party hostess wants to get back at her partying and promiscuous husband and his equally sexed out friends and joins with the girls in the revenge scenario. All the while Lucy gets her big chance and we all go away thinking..."Wow! someone actually made that into a movie." Director Rafal Zielinski does what he can with this script by Clark Carlton in his only credit but really I can't believe he ever thought he was making a good movie.
Rating (2.5)

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