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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Orloff's Invisible Monster (1971) - Horror Mad Scientist

Orloff's Invisible Monster (1971) - The problem with buying films in the discount bin is a lot of the films really are just poor, this strange and pointless film falls perfectly into that category. This 70's french film that I think may be trying to copy the Hammer style movies is a ridiculous story with really no other point than to allow semi pretty untrimmed ladies to be naked on screen for short periods of time.
There is a story, it is so strange but it does exist. Dr. Garondet (Paco Valladares) is called to the castle of Professor Orloff (Howard Vernon) without much information besides that someone is ill. He has trouble getting a carriage, as the local folks are afraid to go near the place. Finally he finds a guy but part way there the carriage gets stuck in the mud and the driver refuses to go the rest of the way. He tells Garondet to continue down the road and you will get to the castle. Somehow though whether the wind confused him or his understanding of "the road" was different than the drivers, he ends up wandering through the woods. Finding a house he tries to get help but when he mentions Orloff the door is closed on his face. Flustered the incompetent Doctor finally finds the giant castle but the butler servant is not going to let him in. He has to force his way in.
Things do not get any easier for Garondet, the servants a man and woman maid (Evane Hanska who you will see naked later) don't know anything about there being a medical emergency. They insist neither of them sent for him. He is pissy being called out and wandering about in the rain and insists to see the Professor.
In a room he is taken to he meets Cecile Orloff (Brigette Carva who you will see naked later) the professor's daughter. She called him because the house is a strange place? I am not really sure why she sent for him. Anyway, she is a strange cookie and not all together in tune. I guess that is what happens when you come back from the dead. What? Oh not there yet, lets get there.
When the doctor finally gets to meet Orloff he very quickly learns there is an invisible man the Mad Scientist has created. The special effects are special as in short bus special. He says the being he created is smarter and stronger than a man. He tells a story of his daughter appearing to die. He has her put in a coffin and then puts all these beautiful jewels on her. The watching servants are obviously going to steal those jewels, particularly Marie (Isabel del Rio) we get to see her naked as she strips as a way to get a male servant to come with her to the tomb to get the jewels from Cecile.
All of this is just a way to get the servants to hurt Cecile while trying to get the ring off and thus the pain waking her from her apparent really deep sleep. It also gets Orloff pissed and he can lock up the servant in the dungeon. Why am I going on with this...

SO bad...

Pushing through, Orloff explains all about the invisible creature. The creature gets to rape the maid as punishment for calling for Dr. Gardonet, Orloff said he wanted to see how he would handle a women. What you really see is Evane Hanska moving about on a bed of straw hating and loving the invisible sex. The doctor is appalled by Orloff and want to now save his daughter from this place and the invisible monster.
Later somehow I actually for get how it happened Cecile walks around naked too. Using flour we get to see the monster, a guy in a gorilla suit and the castle burns to the ground. Writer/Director Pierre Chevalier does such a poor job I can't care enough to continue. Who lives? who Dies? What happens to Maria, adn the Monster? Well you can choose to watch this because I am done here.
Rating (2.7) 5.0 and up are recommended, Zombiegrrlz rating system, SKIP IT!

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