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Monday, April 6, 2009

Forest of the Damned (2005)

Forest of the Damned (2005) - I saw a version of this movie called "Demonic" and I have to say of the two horror movies I watched this weekend this was worse. The plot is basically a roadtrip gone wrong. A group of young adults off on a camping trip get lost and end up stuck in the forest. Unfortunately for them the woods are occupied by angels gone bad. Thrown out of heaven and because they are lustfull, the angels kiss and then rip your throat out. Now normally I wouldn't complain about a movie where a bunch of women walk around naked looking for love and food but this particular execution of the idea was just awful. The star Tom Savini plays a strange part of a man who saw his parents killed by the sirens but for some reason stays in his house hoping to see them himself. He comes across as just a crazy warning the kids not to look in their eyes. Of course this was not needed since there was a crazy man character who already warned them. He also spent a good part of his part capturing a couple kids to use as bait so he could see the sirens again. What? Makes no sense I know. The angels were not very attractive and the characters of the victims were not very likable. The plot went no where and without any character arcs for any of them. Just wierd.
Rating (1.5)

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