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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An Erotic Werewolf in London (2006) Horror Erotica

An Erotic Werewolf in London (2006) - Honestly there is a story in this film, but it is also exactly what the title encompasses. Seduction cinema specializes in simulate sex with very attractive actresses mostly girl on girl. When I say simulated I mean it the women are not actually touching and licking like hard core film stars may do. They are more in the area and with the right moans give the impression that there is hot and heavy lesbian sex going on. So know what you are getting into, the film is then surrounded with a horror story and packages for consumption by the masses. Masses that is funny more like the small number of men and women who are into this kind of thing. Seduction Cinema do do some of the more creative titles playing on popular movies as a setting for their own entries. Opening at a bar two women pleasure each other on the bar, the initiating woman (Misty Mundae) has flashbacks to a short haired blond with fangs. Ruby (Ruby Larocca) the receive does not know that though and enjoys the afternoon tryst. This is what I call a "hot start", no dialog lots of nudity, for soft porn it keeps the often fickle viewer involved so they make it to the plot. This film delivers on what it is intended to do with attractive women and sex scenes most people will not turn off or fast forward through, if they like girl on girl action that is.. The horror story for what it is is of course derivative but still manages to be a sad tale that is fully realized. Although not the normal fare of this blog this film is certainly a sight to behold.
  There is a plot to this movie although mostly it is women making each other feel good. The plot starts when Misty is working in a bar and the exotic large breasted Anoushka (Anoushka) comes in Misty seduces her. Its different for a Misty Mundae character to be the aggressive one. She normally plays the innocent who is introduced to the world of lesbian sex. When lovely Anoushka reaches a climax it trigger the beast inside her and she is transformed into werewolf woman. There was a real balancing act here, trying to get a transformation that gives the impression of a werewolf without making the actress so unattractive that it would turn off the viewer. Unfortunately the makeup is really not the best with blotches of arm hair and fangs on the bottom of her jaw. Misty terrified is bitten by the beast who then walks off hilariously still undressed.
The rest of the story is in two parts, as Misty goes through her own slow transformation into a werewolf.  Starting with a ridiculous hospital scene with Nurse Nancy (Darian Caine) who can't resist the helpless Misty. This story is told by the second structure which is Anoushka back in London doing an "Interview with a Vampire" type scene where she is telling the story of her life to a reporter (Zoe Moonshine).  After seeing too much of the beast the reporter warns Ruby that Misty may be changing int a werewolf, Ruby finds that Misty is indeed very sexually charged and tricks her into a bonded situation so she can see if the transformation will happen without actually being killed by her girlfriend. Unfortunately for her she underestimated the strength of the beast that Misty becomes and in the climax is forced to defend herself. A sad ending to their relationship.
Most of the film of this type though is about the simulated sex.
The many scenes of the film:
- Misty taken advantage of by Darian Caine to help her relax.
- Bathtub scene between Anoushka and Ruby which is a dream sequence.
- Scene where Anoushka's neighbor (Linda Murray) is touching herself in the shower while Anoushka sees her through the window. The Anoushka touches herself. It is there to show how Anoushka hunts, later she ends up with that neighbor, a sexual predator.
 - Nurse Carla (Julien Wells), who happens to be Nurse Nancy's girlfriend continuing to sooth Misty when her shift starts.
 - Aroushka's neighbor touches her self and then is joined by Anoushka so the werewolf can show the reporter her transformation.
 - Ruby and Aroushka in yet another dream.
 - Ruby bondage scene with Misty including werewolf transformation.

Written and directed by William Hellfire this film knows exactly what it is. He is included in the commentary track with Michael Raso who produced and did music. Raso who runs the Alternative Cinema company and does the excellent Film Photography Project and podcast. A Seduction Cinema production which has a large collection of films like this with horror themes and soft porn. You can find most of them at the Alternative Cinema website. Seduction Cinema may have ended the last credit I see for them is in 2009
Misty Mundae who is still working but less in the adult film industry with I think her actual name Erin Brown has known Hellfire since they were kids. Larocca who is also making non adult films is focused currently on the horror genre so maybe she will appear again in this blog. So am I recommending this film, well not as a horror film, the character development met the requirements of a skin flick and not a horror flick but I have to say the two are not that far apart from each other. If though you are looking for something for that arouses your horror and sexual desires this might work for you.

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