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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alien Raiders (2008) Sci-Fi Marathon

Alien Raiders (2008) - A supermarket at the end of a day in small town of Buck Lake Arizona is invaded by an armed group. They shoot a stock boy and start rounding up customers, each checked by the armed men. Unfortunately before they can check everyone the local police are notified and a stand off begins. The "Raiders" hold the remaining citizens and workers hostage while trying to figure out which ones are actually aliens from out of space. These parasitic invaders attached to the brain stem of the human victim and look for others like them so they can mate and spread across the earth. Raider leader Aaron Ritter (Carlos Bernard) with his crew, Kane (Rockmond Dunbar) and Sterling (Courtney Ford) and others try to find the aliens before they run out of time and the police storm the store. Captives, Whitney(Samantha Streets) and others attempt to find a way to escape before the test to see if they are aliens which involves milk and losing a pinkie finger. Will the Raiders find the remaining aliens in time or is the earth doomed.
What I liked: Taught and suspenseful this was a really well done movie. Other movies have been done in a supermarket, a small space. This one does it well. It is also a who will survive as the monsters fights back trying to survive.
What didn't work: Well I would have liked more possessed human monsters. You didn't get a lot of the special effects shots.
Rating (8.1)

At the marathon the director Ben Rock came in for a Q&A. This was an entertaining piece where we got to hear about his luck in getting actors and getting the movie shot in 15 days. I heard him say as he was signing mini posters and giving out swag (severed fingers) that this was the first time he has been asked to sign autographs. BONUS: Ben Rock stayed the whole Sci-fi marathon, this was excellent and shows his love of movies.

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