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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hell on Wheels (2007) Documentary

Hell on Wheels (2007) - This interesting doc about the start of the Austin Texas roller derby league, is a testament to how shared love and hard work can make dreams happen. The league started and then split as a few of the women could not share leadership. As the league grew in popularity the original founders and team captains closed the leadership and created a corporation. The skaters each paying $25 a month to participate revolted with 65 of the eight women leaving and forming an alternative league, The Texas Rollergirls. The original group continues as the Texas Lonestar Roller Girls, but what is important is both groups continue to succeed.
I saw this film atthe Regent Theater in Arlington MA with Local Roller girls the Boston Derby Dames league. It is good to support local women in whatever sport they choose to do and roller derby is one cool sport. The movie itself was interesting in showing the conflict in the leadership of the league and how easy it is to have a love of a sport become an intractable disagreement in who and how it should be lead.

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