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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Right at Your Door (2006) - Drama

Right at Your Door (2006) - Lexi (Mary McCormack) and Brad (Rory Cochrane) have their normal morning like they have a thousand times before. They get up have coffee and Lexi heads out to work, while Brad, a musician stays at home. Unfortunately for the couple this is no normal day, soon after Lexi heads out the news breaks that dirty bombs are exploding all across Los Angeles. Brad is in a panic and heads out to find Lexi, unfortunately the police are closing down all the roads into the detonation areas. He is in a panic without being able to get through to Lexi. When he returns home the handyman (Tony Perez) Alvaro from next store is in his house. He has no place inside to go so Brad lets him stay. They follow instructions and seal up the house with duct tape and plastic. The film then settles down, with Lexi finding her way home. The problem is that Brad now can't let her in. She has been exposed to toxins and virus in the attack and Brad thinks they will both could die if he lets her in. The drama centers around this the rest of the way. At one point Lexi breaks a window because she wants in. The writer Chris Gorak keeps the script taught and suspenseful introducing just enough characters and giving just enough information to keep the film interesting. Since the film has a twist I will not go into the ending even though it is an older movie. The twist although welcomed was a bit cliche in that I thought we suddenly changed the film into an episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents. Still it was a decent film that held my attention.
Rating (6.1) Any rating above a 5.0 is recommended

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