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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Devil's Chair (2006) - Horror

The Devil's Chair (2006) - Nick West (Andrew Howard) and his girlfriend find a strange chair in an abandon asylum while tripping on acid. This intro ends badly of course when the girlfriend, Sammy (Pollyanna Rose) sits in the chair and with gore and pain Sammy is dead and Nick has to answer. Nick ends up in a mental institution that is not abandon. Psychiatrist Dr. Willard head at the institute decides the best way to cure Nick from what he sees as delusions he with a team return to the abandon asylum. They do and then it is not long before the team members one by one start dying in the devil chair. It appears to be a door between this world and another where there is a dark murderous monster looking to kill those who made it into the world. The movie has a twist that leaves the viewer wondering how the logistics of the film can exist in the real world. There is a real world and in that real world some people can not have things happen the way they do. So at the end this viewer was left wondering if maybe the writers Simon Boyes and Adam Mason had the twist and then built the movie around it. Well I am not sure I can recommend this movie but there are some people out there who may like it.
(Rating 4.5)

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