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Monday, April 26, 2010

Basketcase 2 (1990) Horror

Basketcase 2 (1990) - In honor of the lovely ladies at who in their last podcast covered the crazy assed Basketcase I am reviewing the sequel Basketcase 2. Starting moments after the first film ends. Duane Bradley(Kevin Van Hentenryck) and his growth leftovers brother Beliel both survive the fall from the hotel window. Escaping the hospital the two are whisked away to the house of Granny Ruth (Annie Ross) and her daughter Susan (Heather Rattray). Hidden and recovering they learn that Granny Ruth has been harboring deformed people for years. There is recovery time where Duane falls for Susan and Beliel falls for a deformity in female face. Unfortunately for them a reporter is on their trail and soon they must do what is necessary to keeps Granny Ruth's collection of freaks out of the news. Duane seems never to be able to have the relationship he desires. In this case Susan has a secret that is really funny. There is Beliel freaking out and killing and Duane looking for love away from his brother. There is a hilarious scene of mutant afterbirth making it when Beliel gets it on with his female counterpart. Hot sweaty lumpy love making, that is what we needed. The climax, of the movie rolls in without a spoiler here and in the end you are like "What the fuck?" really though if you take it for what it is it is not horrible. At least this one had less yelling.
Rating ( 4.3)

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