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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bucktown (1975) Drama

Bucktown (1975) - This was the story of Duke Johnson (Fred Williamson) a city guy who comes to a small corrupt southern town to bury his brother. Inheriting his Brothers bar and not able to sell it for two months Duke makes a go of it reopening the place. Through his brother's girlfriend Aretha (Pam Grier) and local drunk Harley (Bernie Hamilton), Duke learns the town is corrupt. Apparently the police in the town run a protection ring and take the profits of all the local businesses. Duke doesn't play that game though and after a fight with a couple deputies Duke calls his big city friend Roy (Thalmus Rasulala) to come down with some of his friends. The men then set about killing off the police force to end the oppression on the town. This is where the movie takes an interesting turn. Roy after seeing the money flowing through the town coffers he and his crew, TJ (Tony King), Hambone (Carl Weathers) and Steve? (Tierre Turner) take over where the cops left off. The temptation message is clear here, after fighting against the unjust cops the money they are ranking in makes becoming them appealing. Duke wants no part of it but soon Roy and his men are running things harder than the cops did. When TJ come up with a plan to cut Duke out by turning Roy against him we get to the final sequence. Duke tired of the "New Boss" Same as the old boss he goes about executing his once friends. The final battle with Roy is an agreement that whichever one wins the other leaves town.
Rating (6.5)

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