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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Paranoid Park (2007) Drama

Paranoid Park (2007) A movie about a teen fraying after he causes the death of a man. This drama by director Gus van Sant is a plodding but sometimes gripping story. I remember hearing critics talk about this one and how controversial the ending is. Not really the lead character is always looking for the least mount of trouble and that holds through all the way in this movie. He has the decision we have all had to some degree. We do something stupid and someone gets hurt, we are the only ones that know. Do we find a way to live with it or do we tell someone and deal with the consequences. Granted only some of us have caused the death of another human being so we are not quite in the same boat. I can't say the movie was a great revelation for me. Certainly Van Sant is the master of the hand held at this time but I found the music video kid moving through landscape just to many and too frequent.
Rating (5.5)

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