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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Les démoniaques (Demoniacs) (1974) Horror

Les démoniaques (Demoniacs) (1974) - "Curse of the Living Dead" Jean Rollin creates a story of revenge but really an exploitation movie designed to show T & A. A group of thug pirates, Tina (Joelle Coeur), Captain (John Rico), Bosco (Willy Braque) and Paul (Paul Bisciglia) set lights on the shore to draw ships to the coast and crash on the rocks. Then they steal the flotsom that washes ashore. On the night of this story two young blonds (Lieva Lone & Patricia Hermenier) stumble to the shore in there night gowns exhausted from surviving the shipwreck. The pirates rape them on the shore before they escape. Making it to a local island that is supposedly haunted the girls meet the devil (Miletic Zevomir) who will help them get revenge. Most of the movie is barely watchable and pretty much there so you can see Tina's body. It is a fine body but the movie is just really poor. The character are bad and the acting and action worse.
Rating (2.2)

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