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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Off the Grid:Life on the Mesa (2007) Documentary

Off the Grid:Life on the Mesa (2007) At first I thought that I would hate this movie. They started introducing the characters that live on the Mesa in the middle of no where and I was a bit repulsed. The paranoid and damaged it seemed to me and at first I was very unaccepting that I wanted to spend 75mins listening to there crazy rants. I fought the feelings and tried to stay opened minded. I am okay with that decision. The people although struggling with life are struggling by choice and making it work. I learned about how on the outskirts of our society there struggled people who have what we all seek, a sense of community. Not that I don't know about the cultural curiosity and dysfunction of the poor. I came from those roots, it is probably why I had a hard time at first. People who exclude themselves because society has abandoned them is something I have seen many times before and am happy to be away from. Although the movie is not brilliant it is good. We get the glimpse into these lives and can come away thinking about what America is. This is the only American dream these people know although not many of us would want their dream.
Rating: (5.8)

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