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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear (????) - Horror

Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear (????) - Laura (Barbara Doll) and Eve , I think the same actress or possibly her twin sister with a black dye job. They are driving in the middle of nowhere, there is a stereotype about women not being able to read a map that the reviewer is not sure is needed. When a dark figure appears in road causes them to crash their car, they pass out as the mysterious and beautiful caped figure comes to the car and the title comes up.
Laura wakes and can not find Eve, her host then invites Laura to dinner. The table is dressed and the food looks delicious. The dark hostess, Lady Mortidella (Posh Spice), an Italian countess I guess, joins her and explains rescuing then from the car crash.

She explains that she saved Laura and when she returned for Eve, she and the car were gone. With no phone the panic stricken Laura, feels faint, was it the turkey she ate? Lady Mortidella helps her to her bed, there is a sexual tension here and the substantial cleavage of the actress is on full display.

Cared for by the Lady, gently caresses there is definate a lesbian love scene coming here. Not now though. Waking Laura sees the Lady sail across the room but before she is fully awake she is bitten by the vampire Lady Mortidella. Laura is very casual with the bie marks on her neck.

When she finds Eve's headband she searches the cellars for her and finds in a candlelit room the Vampire Mortidella sleeping. The vampire goes for Laura to make her, her lesbian lover for all time. Laura runs and in the garden finds a branch to defend herself, when trapped she swings the sharp stick stabbing the Vampire and it bursts to dust.
Laura traumatized wanders the garden and comes across Eve. Now they will be together forever.
What can I say about this film? Director Stacie Ponder does a great job telling a story of love and desire while adding a somewhat standard story centered on Vampires. The actresses are solid although they appeared to be receivers of substantial The music is good and creates a very creepy mood. There are a couple of flubbs where things come into the screen that should not be there but considering the limited budget this one had I think it can be overlooked.
Rating (7.3) 5.0 and above are recommended Zombiegrrlz rating system = Buy It Here!

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  1. I like vampire stories, but this one does not sound like one I want to see.