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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Fanglys (2004)

The Fanglys (2004) - This was my second low budget horror movie of the weekend and this was seriously low budget. The story centers around a myth and reality of a family called the Fanglys who each halloween go on a killing spree in a small Texas town. This was extremely low budget with camera work and feel of a high school video class. What is remarkable is the plot and executions was better than my first more accomplished movie "Demonic". At least the simple myth come to life plot made sense and the characters moved through it with an attempt at doing something good. It wasn't good but that I think is just the nature of this super low budget horror. A group of people attempt to spend the night in the haunted woods as a halloween prank. The Witch Fangly and her crazy family do their best to kill them, so it is a "Who will survive" story. There is a second really unexplored plot of the Sheriff and his deputy wanting to cover up the killings. Why you ask? because he didn't want no outsiders from the State police snooping around asking questions. Through this subplot you learn the Fanglys have been around for generations and the town has hidden the deaths. Really no good reason was ever given.
Rating (1.7)

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