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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bikini Bloodbath Carwash (2008) Horror Comedy

Bikini Bloodbath Carwash (2008) - Playing into my need to watch low budget film, this entry is everything I hoped. About a year ago I reviewed Bikini Bloodbath (2006) and although the production values were low, the script was a bit simplistic and well, poor. I enjoyed the fun attitude of the movie enough that when this one came from my Netflix queue I was actually excited. It was everything I expected too, boobs, bikinis comedy, practical effects and fun. The ridiculousness of this film can not be over stated, it is a silly story that sort of takes a similar route as the first film. It is a not a remake but it is a sequel and many of the elements of the first film are again on display.
  The surviving character Jenny ( Rachael Robbins) is back and attending college with her friends. The character played by a completely different actress has transformed from a petite brunette to a buxom blonde and since there are many scenes of the girls in bikinis washing cars the change is not without its strengths. She and her equally well endowed friend Sharon (Natalie LaSpina) have to deal with crass sexually aggressive teachers, Professor Shipwreck (Phil Hall) and Dr Zartan (Dick Boland) while also fending off the male college students. This time all the guys have tee shirts that say "College Student" identifying them so no one will wonder and the two strange guys have "German Exchange Student" shirts. It is a joke from the first film carried over here and somewhat amusing. The guy character have their roles, the foreign exchange students say inappropriate things and dance strangely. The lead student Todd ( Jack Flaherty) is the backup intramural quarterback and has a running gag with throwing a football at inopportune times. His heavy buddy is the queer joke guy Gary (Matt Ford) who continually is catty with the girls while making passes at Todd. I appreciated the reduced amount of gay jokes here, limiting it to just the one character. It works alot better making it a personal between the two characters.
 There is going to be a party on the weekend and everyone is going but first there are classes and work. The girls Jenny and Sharon as well as several others, Lucy (Sheri Lynn), Scarlett (Margaret Rose Champagne) [Wow is that a stripper name or what?] Lonnie (Natasha Nielsen), Mercedes (Sarah Dauber), Sam (Dana Fay Ensalata) and Peaches (Kate Gorman) all work at the local car wash. It is run by the "bitter lesbian" Miss Johnson (Debbie Rochon) who pushes the girls to wear skimpy bikinis and secretly wishes she could frolic with them. Even she is gearing up to attend the party on the weekend. Her character is somewhere between abusive and sad as she seem sexually frustrated surrounded by the clueless beauties. She whole heartedly attacks the role and is very funny through out.
  The problem with sequels is that you have to somehow get the killer, who has been disposed of in the first film, back up and killing. In this case the girls at the party? or just before have a seance and  mistakenly raise the killer "The Chef" (Robert Cosgrove Jr) from his grave. Then there is the slashing and killing at the party always in isolation so that one by one the characters can be killed off. The Chef not as featured as in the first movie does have his moments like when he loses his chef hat.
  The special practical effect are better in this one than in Bikini Bloodbath but still this is a low budget affair so they are not great. Alot though was done with camera angles that hid the fakeness of them. So some kudo to the makers of the film Jonathan Gorman and Thomas Edward Seymour. Also I just thought this was a bit more well presented and it made for an enjoyable watch. There were a couple of drawn out sequences that could have been shortened, the car wash scenes, that are shot music video style, then continuing with the guys coming by to break dance on a piece of cardboard leading into the Michael Jackson knife fight between Miss Johnson and Lucy. The dance scene at the party also goes on way too long but otherwise this fun little film was cool. The gore effects were improved in the film and the music pretty decent too. Overall though I thought it was better staged than the first film in the series.
  Again I have to warn that my glowing review will probably not match the experience of most of you. This is far from a mainstream movie. It is a campy fun independent film made by people who just want and love to make movies. It will win no awards and most people will just think it is stupid, but what do they know? They obviously had fun making it and that spirit comes through but it is thinly plotted and not to the standards of most movie goers. Of course after seeing "The Master" I will take this film and all its brother and sisters before sitting through that piece of shit again. The humor is a bit juvenile and it is exploitative in its approach to woman, gays , men, well just about everyone. Still I thought it was okay being that sometime this is just the kind of film I want to see to pull me from my heavy horror movie queue. So if you are looking for some B movie campy fun check this one out.
Rating (5.6) 5.0 and above are recommended, some more recommended than others.

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