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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zombie Strippers! (2008) Horror

Well the lowly Zombie Strippers (2008) was the first movie I watched this year. I received it as a christmas gift from my Amazon Wishlist,
Feel free to purchase as many gift for me as you want. I love gifts!

Zombie Strippers!

So the idea is a government experiment to create a super soldier goes horribly wrong creating zombies. One zombie escapes the military strike force sent in to eliminate them by making his way into an underground illegal strip club. The star stripper Kat, Jenna Jameson is the first to be turned, and it amazingly her dancing drives the clients wild. Owner Ian, Robert England see the opportunity for profit and encourages the Zombie Stripper. The jealous strippers soon join in the zombie experience until things get a bit out of control. Zombies need to eat flesh and customers are a great source of flesh. Chaos ensues as the last humans attempt to survive the Zombie strippers.
First let me say despite the featuring of Jenna Jameson, this is not a porn movie. It is a gory horror comedy that delivers on some levels. Yes there are boobies to be seen but this is about the extent of the nudity. The movie has a funny competition between Kat and a fellow stripper named Jeannie, Shamron Moore. Jeannie is tired of being second to Kat and so when the zombie strippers become a great draw for the club she seeks a way to transform and compete. Some it it was very amusing. Still the movie despite the entertaining gore and enjoyable nudity was not, how should I put this?...Good. It certainly met expectations but they were very low to begin with.
Problems: 1. The military unit was way too cartoonish, I suppose you could argue it was intentional but still, some people just can not be seen as soldiers. Yes I am talking about Jen Alex Gonzales. 2. The zombies dancing was not entertaining at all and it is hard to believe they would make more guys want them than the wonderful human girls. The makeup was just too good making them really nasty. 3. Englund lived up to reputation as an actor.
Wonderful: 1. Gore and more gore, well done and gross. 2. The final dance off battle.
The rating: Well lets see, for the horror/gore genre this did have some value and also has a bit of a campiness factor. The acting was subpar, the screenplay not flat, had the secondary jealousy angle as well as a couple subplots but was not good. Written and directed by Jay Lee Production values were okay with great gore effects and a final showdown effect I LOL at. Still two sets no real movement of cameras. Rating (2.4)

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