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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bikini Bloodbath Christmas (2009) Horror Christmas

Bikini Bloodbath Christmas (2009) - So we have made it to the third installment of this micro-budget film series. Let me take a minute to reflect on how I have viewed them so far. Since each has basically the same story a group of hot girls and some guy characters end up at a party where they are attacked by a killer named The Chef. There is a lot of running and screaming, gags, tits and self referential humor and pretty good music. The thing is I had two very different reviews of the first two films. I stated I loved watching the cheesy fun of the films but in Bikini Bloodbath only rated the film 1.1 of a possible 10. I was sure that although a sit amused and entertained there is only a very small audience that will view it that way. The satire will totally be lost on most and so I rated the film not how much I liked it but by how well done of a movie I thought it was taking into account the audience that may see it after reading my review. I believe this was a mistake mostly because the hundred or so readers I get in a week can pretty much tell from the right up what this film is and don't need me filtering for them.  So in my review of Bikini Bloodbath Carwash I just wrote about the experience for me and that film got a high recommended rating of 5.6.
 With the holiday season I am now covering the next in the series Bikini Bloodbath Christmas and it really is more of the same.
  The opening credits of the butcher cleaving liver and creating packages with the credits on them was cool but how freaking long did that go on. They really could have fast forwarded a bit on that. We open with a series of people waking up from nightmares, the lead Jenny and her friend Sharon (Niki Ruben) pop up in bed after Jenny has a nightmare about The Chef, the killer they both have survived in the two prior movies. Although the characters have survived the actresses have changed. The original Jenny was played by Leah Ford, but in the final two films by Rachael Robbins. The character Sharon has been played by three different actresses, Anna-Karin Eskilsson, Natalie LaSpina and now in Christmas, Niki Rubin. Sharon has the unfortunate ongoing gag in the films of being insulted about her weight repeatedly. Not that any of the actresses have weight issues but that is what makes it a gag. The waking from a nightmare, scene is repeated with a couple other characters from the film for comic and shocking effect. The one with Gena Davis (Phil Hall) is shocking but this is a Christmas movie after all so lets keep the Christ in Christmas.
  The storyline is this There are two stores that share a courtyard, the Snotlocker, which is where Jenny, Sharon and there friends work. It is like Newbury comics if it was also a head shop. It is run by Mrs Johnson the English sister of the Miss Johnson (Debbie Rochon) from Bikini Bloodbath Carwash, The Mrs. is played in drag by Dick Boland. Next door is the Underground Deli run by Gena Davis which has a group of "foreign" girls working there headed by William Defoe (Margaret Rose Champagne). They have dueling Santa Claus displays where people can come and sit on Santa's lap outside their respective stores and apparently have some tension about the courts use. At one point there is a Santa fight between the two. How does any of this tie into the main plot which will include killing and running and screaming?
  Well if you have seen either of the first two movies then you know the killer is the Chef and he went after Jenny in a big way. Being the survivor of the films she is a bit traumatized by it so the mean William Defoe challenges her to meet at the Chef's grave at night. That way we get the killer back in the picture. Now the only thing missing is a party, and wouldn't it figure that the duel holiday party of the two shops will be held that night at Miss Johnson's house. Why miss John's house, because her sister is watching it while she is in the hospital of course. We visited the hospital with Jenny and Mrs. Johnson and see her in a coma, apparently from having her intestines ripped out in the second film.
  The film follows the tried and true formula of raising the killer from the dead and him showing up at the party and killing most of the guests. Many of the gags in the first two films are reprised for us in this movie. Mostly though there are lots of flashbacks to the first two films, and they just happen to be the flashbacks to women without clothes. Yes this third film goes out of its way to work in almost every boob shot from each of the first two films. As if that was not enough the beautiful women in this film also expose themselves on multiple occasions and everyone works in bikinis. Like I said in each of my last two reviews, I find the ridiculous slasher satire hilarious and really like these films. They are not for most people but are a fun sidebar from the horror I normally cover on this blog.
  This film although following a pattern established in the first two films has its own personality and a wonderful twist at the end. There are decent practical effects in the kills, again the music is good and there is another cameo by Lloyd Kaufman which include special effects.
Rating (5.0) 5.0 and up are recommended, some more recommended than others.

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