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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Red Mist (2008) - Horror

Red Mist (2008) - Also called Freakdog this movie is a tales of a group of medical students who through there cruelty put a fellow med school student into a coma. Feeling guilty our lead Catherine (Arielle Kebbel) attempts a radical unproven treatment on him (Kenneth - Andrew Lee Potts) but instead of bring him back she opened the door for him to travel out of his body, take over others and commit revenge killings. The characters are pretty standard, with each for this or that reason willing to let Kenneth go into the coma instead of seeking immediate care for him. All promising doctors to be there is too much at stake to have this weirdo go from being the brunt of a joke to the reason they are kicked out of medical school. So Kenneth seeks his revenge and Catherine is slow in picking up on that is going on. Finally she does and the movie rushes to a climax.
The acting was better than some of the "pretty people" acting we got in The Final Destination. Still there was scant development of anyone except Kenneth and Catherine but still I need to give it a pass on that because it was not really needed. The mood of the movie was good even if the scares were not really there. Arielle Kebbel was decent in the lead as the guilty student trying to make things right. Potts was good as the strange traumatized victim. He had some back story I wish could have been developed more. It was interesting but the story was not used to the fullest. Overall a decent little story.
Rating (5.9)

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