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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sin Nombre (2009) - Drama

Sin Nombre (2009) - Writer / Director Cary Fukunaga delivers an incredibly powerful film about our new "trail of tears" the train routes through Mexico immigrants take seeking a better life in the United States. From the beginning of this film until the end the story is sad, violent and touching and leaves the viewer emotionally moved. There are those who close down their feelings of empathy for immigrants in this country, but the stories of the long and hazardous journey of people just trying to improve their lives is a story we should be embracing. So many generations in this country have benefited from the bravery of their forefathers and mother to make this same trip, be it on a steamer across the Atlantic or a terrifying march across a desert. The impulse for humans to have a better life will always be a driving force in immigrations and what ever fences, laws, patrols or cameras a country has will not stop the flow.
In this story we see the journey and those who live on the trail , first with Smiley (Kristian Ferrer) and his older brother Willy (Edgar Flores). Willy a gang member, in the Mara Salvatchura in the city of Tapachula. He is having second thoughts about the life as a high ranking member in the gang, he has met a beautiful girl Martha (Diana Garcia) and does not want her mixed up in the gang. Smiley is prepubescent and just being allowed into the gang. Things take an nasty turn when Martha turns up at a gang meeting and Gang Leader Lil' Mago (Tenoch Huerta) while molesting her accidently kills her. He is cruel in he way of telling Willy, "The devil took her." This event sets up some really intense and compelling story later.

The second group is a father, son and Daughter named Sayra heading north on the tracks towards Estados Unidos. They have left Guatamala looking for a better life with family in New Jersey. He ihas done the trip before and the movie sets aside time to establish them. When Lil' Mago takes Willy and Smiley with him to rob people on the tops of the trains, things go from bad to worse. When Mago gets to the group with Sayra he starts kissing and pulling on her clothes. Mago obviously knows little about post tramatic stress reactions because I am sure Willy was going through it as he watched Mago attack Sayra. I am sure he imagined is lovely girlfriend in Sayra's place, being mauled by the gang leader. He strikes out with his Machete killing Mago and setting up the rest of the movie.

The story transforms into a thrilling road movie, or in this case a slow train movie. The Mara Salvatchura when they hear othe details upon Smiley's return set out word to their chapters along the tracks to look for Willy and Smiley having to prove himself to the gang has to go after his brother and kill him for the leaders death. We see the immigrants journey through Willy and Sayra as they travel north on the train, getting to know each other and avoiding Smiley and the gangs. This film is violent and frightening and the tale is very worth watching. The final scenes are amazing and so worth the build up.
Rating (8.1) 5.0 and up are recommended In the Zombiegrrlz system I say BUT IT!

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