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Friday, March 16, 2012

Spaced Out (1981) Sci-Fi Sex Comedy

Spaced Out (1981) - I have reviewed so many very serious horror movies lately that this surprise from my Netflix queue was welcomed. Believe me when I tell you that it would be hardly welcomed any other time. I don't even remember adding it to Netflix, but it arrived and ended up being a decent, if ridiculous break from the heavy stuff I have been watching. I think I may have been adding movies from director Norman J. Warren who has a slew of sci-fi horror entries that could get reviewed on this blog and the one that was Bloody New Year (1987). Originally titled "Outer Touch" it is about three aliens who are awful at running their ship, who have to land on Earth. In doing so they take onto the ship four Brits and then go back into space. Not being the smartest aliens in the galaxy, they do not understand the concept of men or their function in procreation. It is intended to be a hilarious learning experience, but isn't really.
The Earthlings include the couple arguing, Oliver (Barry Stokes) and Prudence (Lynne Ross) because she won't put out, a horny young teen, Willy (Tony Maiden) who is in the park masturbating to porn magazines, and an older guy, Cliff (Michael Rowlatt) nosing into the couples affairs. They are all in the park when the spaceship lands and what else is there to do but go aboard. This first image is how our boy Cliff imagines Prudence as he watches through the bushes. What ever happened to his dog?
Then comes the humor as the three aliens observe men for the fist time. All the while the ships computer voice keeps telling them about different components that are failing and how he needs an overhaul. Yes I said he, apparently voices that sound like men are not uncommon with the aliens although they have never seen a man. The Captain is a cigar smoking leather clad warrior who is just called Skipper (Kate Ferguson). She thinks that there is something to be gained through hand to hand combat with the males and ends up in a silly but amusing duel with the very drunk Willy. He shambles around in a slapstick farce evading her attacks while accidentally knocking her on her ass. Leaving her rather agitated and perplexed.
Willy probably the primary character of the humans manages to sleep with each alien. Considering that coming in he was a virgin its good news for him. The mechanic Partha (Ava Cadell) is the first to encounter him as she examines his body and they have what is suppose to be a funny conversation about penis' and what they are used for. Early on though she is interrupted before they can get too far so it has to wait til later. He does seal the deal with the ship scientist Cosia (Glory Annen) who has her bit measuring him and because of the ships malfunctions is told he is a super special specimen and thus has to experiment with him.
Partha pulls the older guy Cliff in for a roll in the hay, and likes it so much she wants it over and over again, the big joke being Cliff says no mas after eight times. Partha exceptional looks shine though in these love making scenes but note this is not pornographic. There is a bit of breast and bum but pretty much this is silly and tame. At least the alien women are beautiful to look at and Partha in particular showed her assets.
Prudence and Oliver go through the full gambit with their relationship during this little space flight. In the beginning she insists they wait until they marry for sex. She said he can do it all the least on Saturday nights. Of course she is jealous of the very attractive alien women that her man is now noticing. They fight and break off their engagement. He is a bit of a dweeb when it comes to her. In the hospitality room he meets a being from another planet, Wurlitzer who just happens to be a jukebox. When you feed coins into him he is a therapist by trade and helps Oliver to get through to his woman. They finally do it on the spaceship and their relationship is better for it. Quite the useless storyline.
When all is said and done the humans are dropped back off on earth, except Willy who stays to have sex with the three aliens. There lives have been changed and they have had quite the adventure. The ship heads back into space and while Willy bangs Skipper, Cosia gets her chance to drive the ship. The computer complains and then there is one final surprise. It was a really silly film with some poor acting and silly jokes more for the 13 yr old boy than anyone else. Not many of the actors really went on to do too much more of note. Not that this is something of note.
Ava Cadell has gone on to act in bit parts in movies like Smokey and the Bandit 3, and Commando but her real news was after acting. She became a Doctor in sexual studies She now counsels and lectures on relationships and sex. She can be found at
Rating (2.1) 5.0 and up are recommended, some are just more recommended than others.

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