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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Machete (2010) - Action

Machete (2010) - A former Mexican Federale left for dead after being betrayed by his own boss, Machete (Danny Trejo) comes illegally into the United States. He is picked up a a day labor stop by Booth (Jeff Fahey) the powerful aide to Senator McLaughlin (Robert De Niro). Booth wants him to kill the violently anti-immigrant McLaughlin, well that is at least what he tells him. Really it is an elaborate set up to blame an immigrant for a shooting and get the senator reelected. The stellar cast includes Luz (Michelle Rodriguez), as the head of an underground immigrant movement called the network. Torrez (Steven Seagal) as the arch enemy of Machete and former boss in Mexico who now leads a major drug cartel. Jessica Alba as a young immigration officer rounding up illegals. Cheech Marin as Padre the brother and priest of Machete. Lt. Stillman (Don Johnson) as the leader of a vigilante group who hunt and kill immigrants as they attempt to sneak across the border. There is also an amusing turn by Lindsay Lohan as Booth's daughter April.

Machete for the most part is on the run in this movie, there is lots of killing and funny dialog with the plot winding its way to a giant conclusion, a fight between the network and the vigilante group. Machete also gets a showdown with Torrez which is a great finish. Writer Director Robert Rodriguez has done a great job bringing forth many of the issues of illegal immigration and how the US on one hand wants the labor while also vilifying the participants. There have been complaints in reviews of this film saying it is heavy handed in its messages. This writer does not see it that way. What Rodriguez did was create a story that includes the issues and also give a multifaceted reading of the issues. The serious scapegoating of illegal immigrants in our society while ignoring the American who hire them and then drive down working Americans wages on top of it is not discussed her, what we see is how easy it is for American small businessmen to get cheap labor.
The film also has many wonderful turns and twists that make the humor and action an enjoyable trip. If you are looking for a fun and action filled movie this is the winner of the summer.

Rating (8.3) 5.0 and above are recommended, In the Zombiegrrlz rating system Go See it and then Buy it!


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  3. I loved Machete when it came out last year, and still love watching it to this day. Watched it last week when I was surfing on EPIX page at DISH online. This is one of those movies that stick with you. Yes it does have that message of illegal aliens, but I didn't see it as being more then a part in the underlying plot of the movie. I could be wrong and maybe it was to send a message, but it makes for that great friction in the plot to bring both sides to a head and cause the conflict that was needed so we could see machete riding around a chopper with a chain gun on it and that in itself was worth it. The cast was outstanding, and almost everyone lived up to the part. Lohan didn't, but she was just there for eye candy, you could have muted the movie during her lines and not missed anything. Seagal brought his usual lack of personality with him. He his one of the blandest emotionless actors I have ever seen on the big screen, and getting to see him killed in a movie only for the second time brought tears of joys to my eyes. If every Seagal movie could end that way we would never have to worry about a sequel. Just like we won't have to worry about him if their truly is a Machete sequel. How many movies can you say you saw a human intestine used as a rope anyways?

  4. And I think it is time to revisit this one.