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Monday, April 26, 2010

Religulous (2008) Documentary

Religulous (2008) - Bill Maher host of Real Time with Bill Maher stars as the atheist asking questions. The strange group of religious people he finds, from a truck stop church, to Creationist museum in Kentucky, to Holy Land an amusement park in Florida. Attempting first to show the irrationality of belief and then the illogical leaps into real world problems created by those belief, Maher uses his skepticism and humor to make his points. He argues against the United States being a Christan nation by using the writings of the founding fathers as evidence as well as historians. Maher in the end, after first exposing the hypocrisy of religion then calls on the growing group of self identified non-religious people to get active and use there votes to change this country.
Rating (6.4)

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