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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Witch's Sabbath (2005) Horror

Witch's Sabbath (2005) - Horror movies come in all shapes and sizes and this one pushed the limits of what I appreciate. I see value in all movies, people making movies work hard to get stories made and distributed. BUT it is difficult for me to find too much positive about this one. Witch's Sabbath is about a coven of witches who run a strip joint called "Sin and Skin". They need to kill 666 victims with a weird metal glove in order to bring into this world their dark lord. We join the story as they close in on the magic number. Skin maven Syn DeVil plays the leader , Auriana and they story centers around customer couple Damien (Eric Coffin)and Eliza (Christine Cowden), and their friends Seth and Amber? Can I even remember? Anyway The dialog was stunted and didn't flow, the actors read there lines and in the end the monster Lord was a horribly done piece of crap. The video was cheap and the lighting primitive, mostly red and blue hues cast on the background. There is a significant amount of booby in the strip club scenes. This one was not very good I am afraid.
Rating (0.7)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stitches (2001) Horror

Stitches (2001) - A low budget horror movie which takes the tried and used story of a Demon trying to take the souls in a boarding house to prove herself to the Devil. She takes the form of Miss Albright (Elizabeth Ince) and goes after each persons soul through their weaknesses getting them to agree to give up "anything". The story is pretty bland in execution with very little tension or even a bit of concern about how it will all come out. You know from the beginning that the demon will find a tricky way to get them all and she does. Mostly because the demon is the main character and everyone else is a bit player. If the story had focused on the people in the house you may have been fool more about how the story would end. Still Tempe and Full Moon does a competent job at making horror movies so it had some value.
Rating (3.7)

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Fanglys (2004)

The Fanglys (2004) - This was my second low budget horror movie of the weekend and this was seriously low budget. The story centers around a myth and reality of a family called the Fanglys who each halloween go on a killing spree in a small Texas town. This was extremely low budget with camera work and feel of a high school video class. What is remarkable is the plot and executions was better than my first more accomplished movie "Demonic". At least the simple myth come to life plot made sense and the characters moved through it with an attempt at doing something good. It wasn't good but that I think is just the nature of this super low budget horror. A group of people attempt to spend the night in the haunted woods as a halloween prank. The Witch Fangly and her crazy family do their best to kill them, so it is a "Who will survive" story. There is a second really unexplored plot of the Sheriff and his deputy wanting to cover up the killings. Why you ask? because he didn't want no outsiders from the State police snooping around asking questions. Through this subplot you learn the Fanglys have been around for generations and the town has hidden the deaths. Really no good reason was ever given.
Rating (1.7)

Forest of the Damned (2005)

Forest of the Damned (2005) - I saw a version of this movie called "Demonic" and I have to say of the two horror movies I watched this weekend this was worse. The plot is basically a roadtrip gone wrong. A group of young adults off on a camping trip get lost and end up stuck in the forest. Unfortunately for them the woods are occupied by angels gone bad. Thrown out of heaven and because they are lustfull, the angels kiss and then rip your throat out. Now normally I wouldn't complain about a movie where a bunch of women walk around naked looking for love and food but this particular execution of the idea was just awful. The star Tom Savini plays a strange part of a man who saw his parents killed by the sirens but for some reason stays in his house hoping to see them himself. He comes across as just a crazy warning the kids not to look in their eyes. Of course this was not needed since there was a crazy man character who already warned them. He also spent a good part of his part capturing a couple kids to use as bait so he could see the sirens again. What? Makes no sense I know. The angels were not very attractive and the characters of the victims were not very likable. The plot went no where and without any character arcs for any of them. Just wierd.
Rating (1.5)