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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dark Forces (1980) - Horror Supernatural

Dark Forces (1980) - Also called "Harlequin" a mysterious and incomprehensible man, Gregory Wolfe (Robert Powell) enters the life Australian Senator Nick Rast (David Hemmings) and is wife (Carman Duncan) and sick son (Mark Spain). The magical Wolfe seems to cure the leukemia that son Alex has been suffering. He becomes involved with the Mrs. Sandra Rast and creates a big stir in the political circles that the Senator runs in.
Nick Rast is being groomed for an appointment when the lieutenant Governor vanishes at sea. The group that is grooming him are very wary of the stranger coming into the Rast household and work to find out about him. Doc Wheelan (Broderick Crawford) will not have the appearance of this new comer interfere with his groups plan.
Wolfe has a very positive effect on the family but ultimately is too much in the way. He tries to get the Senator to see that he is being manipulated but it is too late. Not even the magic the man seems to have can in the end save him.
The movie came about as a modern telling of the Rasputin story. The disappearance was based on a real event in Australia, Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared off the coast after coming out against the Vietnam war in the 1970s. The film spend no time developing the Wolfe character he is portrayed as completely mysterious. Not working perfectly it is really a strange piece of movie making. The music is melodramatic and overly loud. The Cinematography was wonderful and the out of door scene nicely shot.
Rating (3.7) 5.0 and up are recommended, In the Zombiegrrlz rating system I say Skip It!

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