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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

P2 (2007) Horror

P2 (2007) - Psycho security guard Thomas (Wes Bentley) decides to drug and kidnap workaholic businesswoman Angela (Rachel Nichols) trapping her in the parking area of the high rise they work at because he wants to get to know her better? Oh wait it was because her wants her to share christmas with him. He has gifts after all, like getting to watch him kill the guy that tried to feel Angela up in the elevator. WTF! I am having a hard time making sense of this one. It was a painful experience watching this limited thriller that was so far from thrilling. You can guess the outcome, she wins he dies and nothing is learned about anyone or anything. It was just this happened and then that happened until she wins. Can you boo on a blog? BOOOOOOO!

Grip - A general-purpose handyman, the movie set's counterpart of the theater's stagehand. His duties include laying dolly tracks, moving flats, setting up parallels, building platforms, placing reflectors and gobos, doing light carpentry, and generally performing tasks that require brawn.

Key Grip - The head grip on a film set, in charge of a group of men, usually numbering from five to fifteen.

Key Grip: Christopher J. Toudy
Rating (1.0)

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