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Sunday, October 25, 2015

October is Horror Month!

October 2015 Films
Early in this month I have to spend some time covering films that are products of the people I might see at Rock and Shock, then I will finish with whatever comes to mind.

After completing the month I have to say sticking to wathing something everyday was really challenging.
The List of what I watched.
Oct. 1st - Demons (1985) - Love this movie
Oct. 2nd - Wendigo (2001) - Under rated oodness
Oct. 3rd - Breeders (1986) - So bad but so good
Oct. 4th - A Blood Story (2015) - So awful
Oct. 5th - Asmodexia (2014) - Religiously heavy twist
Oct. 6th - Rites of Spring (2011) - Too split and unfocused
                Almost Mercy (2015)- Not the greatest acting but decent use of voice-over
Oct. 7th - The Butterfly Rom (2012) - Thriller elderly fun Love Barbara Steele
                 Blood Reservior (2014) - Oh My!
Oct. 8th - Army of the Damned (2013)- Too scattered to be a serious film
Oct. 9th - Donner Pass (2011) -  Unlikable characters die
                The 4th Floor (1999)-  Rear window without the greatness
Oct. 10th - Day of the Dead (1985) - Love this because of the happy ending
                  Evil Dead (2013) - NO FUN version of a good film clouded with shit
                  The Ricky Horror Picture Show (1975) - How I miss Tim Curry
Oct. 12th - The Walking Dead Season Premiere
                  Supernatural Season Premiere
Oct. 13th - Last Shift (2014) Well that was a bad first night on the job!
Oct. 14th - Subspecies (1991) Full Moon's take on the Dracula story.
Oct. 15th - Hardware (1990) - Richard Stanley's tale of a robot and the love he so desires.
Oct. 16th - Blood Glacier (2013) -  A good old fashion monster movie
                   Upsidedown Cross (2014) - William Hellfire film about a really evil exorcism priest.
Oct. 17th - The Sandman (1995) - Some really dreadful Tempe Entertainment horror.
Oct. 18th - WalkingDead Ep.2
Oct. 19th - The Pact (2012) - Surprisingly entertaining horror mystery.
                   The Pact 2 (2014) - The not as interesting continuation of the story.
Oct. 20th -  Manhattan Baby (1982) - Fulci's mix of horror, possession and  dimensional portals.
Oct. 21st -  The Keep (1983) Cool weird period piece, with music by Tangerine Dream
Oct. 22nd - Tales of Halloween (2015) - Anthology worth the rent, I love Lucky McKee!
Oct. 23rd - Burning Bright (2010) Locked in a house during a hurricane, with a hungry tiger.
Oct. 24th -  Oculus (2013) - Sometimes mirrors are evil.
Oct. 25th - Suspiria (1977) - Girl goes to a predominant dance school and finds a coven of witches.
Oct. 26th - Phantasm II (1988) - Great explosions in this one.
Oct. 27th - Call Girl of Cthulhu (2014) -  Exec. Producer Michael Raso brings us goodness.
Oct. 28th - Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014) - A Spike Lee vampire joint, that has some pacing issues.
Oct. 29th - Piranha (1978) - Cameo by Kevin McCarthy was great, great political message, fun!
Oct. 30th - The Atticus Institute (2015) - Mocumentary about a possession
Oct. 31st - Mad Max : Fury Road - A good film that didn't need the last scene.

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