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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Candy Stripers (2006) - Horror Sci-Fi Aliens

Candy Stripers (2006) - [weird connection] There is a loosely connection to this film, where Writer/Director Kate Robbins connects to an obscure Latina singer (Ana Sidel) I am a fan of. Here is how the connection works, Kate was executive producer on a movie called Desert of Blood, that movie featured the biggest hit from the singer's, only CD "A Solas..." the song being "Chinga Like a Loca", and those of you who know Spanish are giggling right now. Considering how the Candy Stripers behave in this film it also somehow connects. I only mention it because the singer is not known at all and only has the one CD but I is still listened to by me.[end weird connection]
There are a vast number of alien invasion flicks that come out every year, from the classics like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where humans are replaced, living among us as in They Live or controlling humans like in The Puppet Masters, Slither or this film Candy Stripers.
The story is simple enough, a couple of girls (One, the very hottest of blind girls Tammy (Sarah McGuire) ( with white eyes, at least until Jessica Alba made The Eye two years later.) who come across a car wreck are infected by aliens, they end up at a hospital where they start spreading to all the hot candy stripers. The bread sized maggot like beings enter the mouth and gestate a new maggot passing it on to other humans mouth to mouth. Our white eyed beauty is dying after being brought into the hospital and so she asks the amazingly sexy candy striper Janine (Deanna Brooks, Playmate of the month May 1998) who is sitting with her, for a dying wish kiss. How could she be refused? She is of course infected by the aliens and then goes about doing two things. One feeding on men by covering them with a web like substance, like a spider would. Letting them ripen, and also going out and finding hot women to infect.
The secondary story brings our group of basketball players into the hospital with various injuries. They and their visitors are the group trying to survive and escape while the alien infection spreads. This gives us a good group of five who will fight against the ever increasing number of sexy nurses and candy stripers as the lay waste to the patients and employees of the hospital.
Writers Kate Robbins and Jill Garson keep the story simple with there being a could relationship subtext stories within the group of potential survivors. The basketball team captain, Matt (Brian Lloyd) has a broken leg from a fight that broke out prior to getting to the hospital. His teammate and roommate is Joey (William Edwards Jr.) who is primarily there as the dork and because his character's sister Cheri (Tori White)who has the dynamic of a crush on Matt even though he already has a girlfriend. His less than attentive girlfriend is Krystal (Nicole Rayburn) is also there with Teammate and rival Brian (Kevin Thomas Fee). They notice a bit too late that things are going haywire, these scenes are inter cut with ones of the Candy stripers almost having sex with various doctors and paramedics, cocooning them for later feeding, and scenes of the candy stripers growing clan sugar jonesing women. When they finally try to make a break for it the hospital is in chaos, quarantined and there is no longer the closeted conversion and feeding but an out in the open frenzy of feeding.
The alien woman start openly attacking with new super claws, they take damage but keep on coming. Our group hits the elevators hoping to get to the basement in an up elevator, and there is a great close call scene with some very good practical effects, the heart grab and the line "Men are so heartless." Joey by this time is infected as one of the stripers started cocooning him the night before. He has that same sugar craving and is deteriorating quickly. Forced to take the stairs they run into a bunch of cocooned bodies. After almost slipping past some aliens they are stuck in the basement. Brian hearing something in a bin gets pulled in head first by some big wiggly thing. Its the maternity ward for the alien babies.
Things get worse when they split up and soon the only ones alive are Matt and Tammy. The sugar thing is a give away that the insulin that she uses for her diabetes will naturally kill the aliens. So then the plan becomes to kill them all. Using air injectors and a good supply of insulin they head out hunting. Considering how tough the aliens have been to this point in the movie is is somewhat unrealistic that they do so well with the killing. In the end the hospital is blown up and Matt and Tammy are out alive, then... go ahead guess.

Rating (3.1) 5.0 and up are recommended.


  1. havent seen this but now i want to...also candy stipers are lik3 wooow,,,,old!but i love what they get to where...i was one for holloween!!!

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  3. if you think this is good thn plz