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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Last Sentinel (2007) - Science Fiction

The Last Sentinel (2007) - Aging martial artist, actor Don 'The Dragon' Wilson is Tallis a genetically engineered soldier who is the sole survivor in a war with, well with clone soldiers who have turn against their human creators and exterminated most of them. You would wonder why humans would make a second super soldier after the first ones turned against them, but this script doesn't. For the sake of simplicity lets call the clones terminators, no wait, Cylons. The Cylons for some reason have a weak spot in this post apocalyptic world. They have a mainframe computer that, if broken will make them all stop working. Tallis and his fellow soldiers try to defeat this place in the opening scenes, but when they were all slaughtered.
Tallia managed to escape the defeat and is now off the grid reading books and looking out the window when he sees the Cylons kill a bunch of humans. One human Katee Sackoff survives, because she was not seen when thrown out of the vehicle, lets call her Starbuck. Tallis collects Starbuck and nurses her back to health. Then there is this strange bonding set of scenes where Tallis trains Starbuck to fight a bit better. It really made a point to show them becoming a team, working out and planning. They attack the same highly guarded mainframe that an entire troop of super soldiers could not get into. It goes poorly and they need to leave but, not before getting something they needed for the plan. If it seems I am a little vague on this part it is because my interest started getting distracted by more interesting things like my cat sleeping on the sofa. Whenever they fight any of the clones there just are things that don't sit well.

1. No one can shoot for shit, the Cylons, Starbuck, Tallis all shoot thousands of rounds but hit very little. Even though they are always standing in the open just 10-20 yards apart, with machine guns.

2. There are always between 5 and 12 Cylons, always and against two they can't ever hit them. Then there is the fact that the Cylons are all different heights, they can't really be clones if they are different.

3. After spending a good chunk of the movie on the Starbuck, Tallis relationship she disappears from the film in another failed attack and is not seen again until after the films climax. WTF!

So it is up to the Dragon to bring down the Cylons and he goes to do the job. Lets remember that a troop couldn't do, he and Starbuck couldn't do it, but alone I am sure he will succeed. grrrrr. Then without any explanation, any back story the script written poorly by stuntman, writer, director Jesse V. Johnson introduces a new breed of Cylon clone. We know they are different, better if you will because they instead of black plastic suits have red plastic suits and when Tallis is successful with the virus, the black Cylons stop working but the red ones come after him. Double grrrrrr...
Spoiler: You can not really spoil this pretty poor film. There is a final clone vs dragon fight and then Katee comes back and we get an ending. The problem is we don't care at this point, this film had a scattered plot and poor execution and forethought to the logic of what they were doing. Let me add one more thought here. Whoever thought that the stupid talking guns was a good idea was wrong.
Rating (3.2) 5.0 and up are recommended In the Zombiegrrlz system I would say SKIP IT!

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