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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feb. 6-16th Boston SciFi Film Festival Preview 8

2015 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival Feb. 6-16th
"The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon (“Boston SciFi”) is an 11-day cinematic event held at the historic Somerville Theatre from February 6th to the 16th. The 2015 edition marks our 40th anniversary as the oldest genre fest in America.
The first nine days consist of a film festival that emphasizes emerging directors with distinct visions from around the globe. The Festival concludes with The Marathon (a.k.a., “The ‘Thon”), a 24-hour orgiastic motion picture endurance test featuring classic, new and schlock films. Think of it as binge viewing with 700 close friends. It starts at noon on the 15th and ends at noon on President’s Day." -
  This year's event schedule is complete and I look forward to seeing as much as possible. I approach the Festival like the Marathon, I want to power through all of it not missing a film. This might not be the case for everyone though. Great thing about this festival is you can approach it a couple different ways. You can buy the Festival Pass as I did and attempt to see lots of features or you can purchase single film tickets, either way you will get to enjoy great NEW science fiction. The Festival pass also gets you into the 24 hour Movie Marathon Sun-Mon 15-16th which is the classic sci-fi fans favorite event.

Valentine's Day and in the past my wife has come in at least for part of the night to view with me. After 30 years of marriage we are not so set to spending every Valentine's day together. This year as in the recent past for the festival we have material geared towards relationships.

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