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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feb. 6-16th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 7

2015 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival Feb. 6-16th
"The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon (“Boston SciFi”) is an 11-day cinematic event held at the historic Somerville Theatre from February 6th to the 16th. The 2015 edition marks our 40th anniversary as the oldest genre fest in America.
The first nine days consist of a film festival that emphasizes emerging directors with distinct visions from around the globe. The Festival concludes with The Marathon (a.k.a., “The ‘Thon”), a 24-hour orgiastic motion picture endurance test featuring classic, new and schlock films. Think of it as binge viewing with 700 close friends. It starts at noon on the 15th and ends at noon on President’s Day." -
  This year's event schedule is complete and I look forward to seeing as much as possible. I approach the Festival like the Marathon, I want to power through all of it not missing a film. This might not be the case for everyone though. Great thing about this festival is you can approach it a couple different ways. You can buy the Festival Pass as I did and attempt to see lots of features or you can purchase single film tickets, either way you will get to enjoy great NEW science fiction. The Festival pass also gets you into the 24 hour Movie Marathon Sun-Mon 15-16th which is the classic sci-fi fans favorite event.

Friday the 13th and there is no bad luck to worry about at the festival. Starting at 5pm  there are three features and a shorts program for your viewing pleasure. Its a shame I will have to miss half of these in order to celebrate my lovely daughter Joy's 23rd birthday , but a man has to have his priorities.

I am serious bothered that I have to miss this one, from the director who brought us Grace (2009) I was so looking forward to this film.

Dark Summer (2015)
Director(s): Paul Solet
Runtime: 81 Minutes
Paul Solet on Twitter: @PaulSolet

"Creepy and intelligent" - Film Journal I'ntl (US, 2015)
Boston Premiere. A 17-year-old is under house arrest for the summer. His mother is away on business. He does what he's not supposed to do, internet trolling. He thought he knew everything there was about computers and being sneaky. He was wrong. d: Paul Solet (Emerson grad) w/Grace Phipps (Vampire Diaries) & Peter Stormare (Fargo, er, the movie)

El ciruclo de Raynard (2014)
Director(s): Maria Valle
Runtime: 92 m.
Facebook page  Maria on Twitter: @mvalle78
(Spain, 2014) World Premiere. While making a documentary about an infamous Nazi criminal, the crew finds his diary replete with arcane rituals, one of which they will need to survive.
d; Maria Valle

Dark Adapttations (Shorts)
Director(s): Various
Runtime: 93 m. In order

Roar (US) W. Prem. (Can) Premiere. Family's superpower consumes them. d: Stuart Langfield/Dylan Rekert 13m • Iron Cloud (Poland) Prem. Lost souls seek refuge in a free society. d: Nikodem Wojciechowski 42m • Hell Hath No Fury (Can) Premiere. Never underestimate the power of a woman. d: Devjani Raha 8m •
Losers (US) Prem. Nerds attend party with iced results. d: Carlos del Rosario 22m • Rick’s Pawn Shop (US) W Prem. In an intergalactic pawn shop, a deal is struck. d: Mike Kobzeff 8m
Roar Trailer
Iron Cloud Teaser
Hell Hath No Fury (WARNING: This is the full short)

Director(s): Kiah Roache-Turner
Runtime: 92 Minutes
Facebook page  Website
"Violent, fast-paced, frequently silly, occasionally hilarious and unapologetically Aussie" - Filmlink
(Australia, 2014) Boston Premiere. In a zombie filled post-apocalyptic world, a loner takes his souped up car out for a blood soaked revenge trip. It's Outback Zombies meeting Mad Max with tons of cool hardware. How could it go wrong?

Friday February 13th

Dark Summer 5:00pm Somerville Theatre

EL CIRUCLO DE RAYNARD 7:00pm Somerville Theatre

Dark Adaptations (shorts) 7:30pm Micro-Cinema

Wyrmwood 9:00pm Somerville Theatre

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