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Monday, January 5, 2015

Yearly Podcast Report!

I have always had a fickle relationship with the podcasts I listen to. I find it difficult to stay loyal and then again there is a wide range of quality in podcasting so its easy to be disappointed. Just because I did not stick with a podcast don't let that necessarily reflect on the quality, I am after all fickle and sometimes drop podcasts just for a change of pace. Sometimes the advertising or soliciting for money that annoys me. I can say though that if I listened to it all year it probably is really good. Last year I tried a lot of new things but here is the list of ones that survived and below some notes on the ones that didn't. Anyone reading this can feel free to make suggestions for next year at

I know at least one I will be listening to. My friends at All Things Horror have started a genre podcast, the Film Thrills Podcast  (you can subscribe on iTunes) They are great lovers of horrors, scifi and genre film. Their site is great reading and the events they put on in the Boston area are great, so listen and support them!


Best of the Left - Still the best!  Collecting the best Left leaning pieces and building shows based on different "in the news" subjects this show is well produced and and executed.  The feedback section is often as thought provoking as the show, with well thought out opinion that adds to the conversation.

Black Astronauts - The mix is good although the show meanders way too much for my liking. When they are talking about current themes in the news I find it very interesting but the pop culture is unfortunately not stuff I know. Listened most of the year off and on and may bring this one back for another year.

Bloody Good Horror - Eric and the gang sometimes piss me off with what they like and don't like but it is always entertaining and the friendships these men have comes through in their banter. We may have different movie tastes at times but the dry humor and delicious beer recommendations should make this a "go to" horror podcast.

Boys and Ghouls  - A once a month podcast (if they even stick to that schedule) where over the year the repartee improved a lot between the hosts. Marshall and Kat may not be the most experience horror fans but they seem to be having fun. They are getting better and I for one am continuing the journey with them.

Dead Lantern Splattercast - Adding Rachel to their cast was a great move, she keeps the men honest even if they rib her about it. I listened back when they seemed to be giving up and I have to say they have energized themselves with new cast members.  Noirvember and in general getting back to being friends talking about movies and life has really made this a show to listen to. The Dead Lantern site

The Doctor Who Podcast - I am a Doctor Who fan and love this particular fan podcast. With a large cast of characters interacting all year long and not just during the season it is a perfect companion to the show. I appreciate the love of classic Who that is part of this show.

Faculty of Horror A smart look at horror that is too infrequent for my tastes but that I enjoy each time it shows up in my feed. Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West are fine, intelligent journalist and they take the time to structure the podcast in a way that it covers a subject fully.

Ice-T: Final Level Ice -T is a straight talking professional entertainer with opinions you may not always agree with but are stated with such certainty you gotta respect them. As the year went on the rapport between Ice and his guest improved as he figured out the interview thing. Nick and Ice are obviously great friends and as a pair they are uniquely entertaining. Okay maybe I listen for Nick Benzo moments like "The Soap Opera Thug" fucking excellent.

Killer POV -  For a while this podcast was so slow to download that I was a bit annoyed with it. Based in LA there is a penchant to love everyone but still you do get some frank opinions about the latest in horror as well as re-released classics.Having great people to interview like Lance Fucking Hendrickson makes the podcast worth your time.Not afraid to have a few beers while recording loosens the opinions in a good way.

The Monday Morning Podcast - Comedian Bill Burr tries to be interesting and funny for an hour once a week. Unscripted and entertaining Burr riffs about life and schedules and relationships. There is also a often very funny bit where he gives advice ( that he is totally unqualified to give) to people who write in.

On the Page: A screenwriting podcast that I enjoy quite a bit. Pilar Alessandra obviously loves her work as a profession script consultant and teacher and she gets some very accomplished writers to talk about the process of screenwriting. Always entertaining and such a nice look into the profession so many are trying to make it in that so few do.

Pseudopod - A very enjoyable horror fiction show with short stories professionally read. I can't say I love all the stories but many are dark and disturbing in a way that you think about them for hours after. Very good quality relying on donations to pay the writers and new this year the readers.

Totally Laime - Had dropped this for a while but brought it back only to learn it was ending. A fun interview podcast. It will be missed. They seem to want to put energy into their other podcasts that I don't find as interesting, like Totally married where the give advice to listeners who write in. Having been married for 28 years I don't find this one as intriguing. 

Ones that did not make the cut this year for whatever reason:

B3 - The Boston Bastard Brigade - 2/1 Asian rock and pop is not so bad. 3/21 Still listen although I have yet to purchase a single song heard . Since I just don't have the time to learn Pop culture for yet another music scene, (I already do spanish language music) R.I.P 3/27/14

The Bloodcast - 3/27 Some really good conversation lately about what it takes to be a horror writer. Not sure about these vertical content communications companies though, Are they going to squeeze out a lot of the independents, or is there room for all? 4/11 Interesting reading I have been doing about vertical content companies. Smart thinking connecting content production to advertising firms, you create a audience demographics and then sell that audience. 7/22 Again a podcast by paid professionals from what I can tell. I like it well enough but wonder what the end game is. Horror writers and promoters a professional podcast. Can't really drop this podcast since the company producing it ended it. RIP 11/15/14

Freakonomics Radio - For the 2nd time dumped them because lets face it the narrow scope of an economist is inappropriate for some subject. When they start doing those subject I get turned off. R.I.P. 5/23/14

Horrorshow Hot Dog 3/24 Oh sometime people are so into making themselves seem clever that they come off like jerkoffs. Still I can't disagree with the panning of Argento's Dracula. 4/21 Starting to think these guys are just too young for me to listen too. Its not that they don't talk about movies well but sometime there is this impulsive rejection of films that bothers me. 5/23 Grrr, they talk about movies in the right way but just not feeling it a lot of the time, is it wrong that they sound too geeky?
Tired of these guys so R.I.P. 7/16/14

The Jagaloons Podcast - First ten minutes on their misconception of what net neutrality is and then 20 minutes on how much they love fast food. WTF! They certainly as advertised "Jagaloon: Someone who clearly demonstrates a lack of commitment to maturity and the responsibilities that comes with it."  Moving on to the asshole that thinks his neighbors should just tolerate his dogs that bark all day while he is at work. Then on to WWE channel, not sure these guys will ever be something I find interesting. Fucking movies and these nimrods like stupid shit. 2nd was not much better, just does not connect with me. DONE WITH THIS PODCAST AFTER TWO EPISODE. R.I.P. 2/7/14

Knifepoint Horror - Just not into it. R.I.P. 3/31/14

Moment of Clarity
2/7 Lee Camp is good but will I be able to listen for hours at a time? 4/21 Lee is a good liberal so no problem there. 5/23 less podcasts because of a t show could doom this one. 7/22 The new show "Redacted" is okay but it is more comedy than commentary so I am not as excited by it.  Change in format is not something like so ..R.I.P. 10/19/14

The No Sleep Podcast -  Just could not get past the overproduced sounds of horror and the campy scary voice intro, Psuedopod does it so much better and more sincerely. R.I.P. 3/21/14

The 80s Picture House podcast -
2/1 Content may be the issue with this one. First listen is about the Girls and G-strings box set which is complete garbage.
2/7 Interview with Tommy 'Tiny' Lister was pretty decent even with the poor sound quality of the connection.
4/11 Wow they really love their 80s poor cinema, its not that I like the movings but there is a genuine love coming from the hosts that is very engaging.
7/22 Tired of the 80's subjects that I just don't care about R.I.P. 7/22/14

Screamqueenz - The Boogens episode was all over the place to the point it was almost too hard to listen to. On hiatus so I am dropping it R.I.P. 3/24/14

Point of Inquiry - Dropped the podcast, it just isn't the same as it once was. R.I.P. 2/12/14

The Left Show - 4/3 Well again I feel the show is a personal diatribe by the lead guy and it just gets old. 4/13/14 Had enough I think, the show needs to be less local and personal. Although they seem like nice enough guys stories of adventures in local Dem politics of Utah wear thin after a while. R.I.P. 4/13/14

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