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Monday, January 26, 2015

Feb.6-16th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival Preview 3

2015 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival Feb. 6-16th
"The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon (“Boston SciFi”) is an 11-day cinematic event held at the historic Somerville Theatre from February 6th to the 16th. The 2015 edition marks our 40th anniversary as the oldest genre fest in America.
The first nine days consist of a film festival that emphasizes emerging directors with distinct visions from around the globe. The Festival concludes with The Marathon (a.k.a., “The ‘Thon”), a 24-hour orgiastic motion picture endurance test featuring classic, new and schlock films. Think of it as binge viewing with 700 close friends. It starts at noon on the 15th and ends at noon on President’s Day." -
  This year's event It looks like there is a nice lineup coming together and I will be attending as many of the films as possible. Great thing about this festival is you can approach it a couple different ways. You can buy the Festival Pass as I did and attempt to see lots of features or you can purchase single film tickets, either way you will get to enjoy great NEW science fiction. The Festival pass also gets you into the 24 hour Movie Marathon Sun-Mon 15-16th which is the classic sci-fi fans favorite event.

Things are now rounding out in the schedule and there were some changes to Day 2: This Festival only gets better and with that here is the Day Two schedule with some added info below.

Saturday February 7th

Matt Mercury 1:00pm Somerville Theatre4

Painting the Way to the Moon 3:00pm Somerville Theatre

History of Time Travel 5:00pm Somerville Theatre

Averted Visions (shorts) 5:30pm Micro-Cinema

Uncanny 7:00pm Somerville Theatre

Broken Portals (shorts) 7:30pm Micro-Cinema

Suicide or Lulu and Me in a World Made for Two 9:15pm Somerville Theatre

Day 2: Added information!.

Painting the Way to the Moon -
"Director(s): Jacob Akira Okada
Runtime: 54 Minutes

(US) World Premiere. Documentary on controversial math whiz Ed Belbruno who pioneered space travel. But it's really how art and science share a common process. Creativity knows no bounds. With: Moon-Lite (US) NE Prem. A boy discovers magic. d: David Dibble 7m; Omega (Aust.) NA Premiere. Weird comet brings more than destruction. d: Peter Ninos (15 m)"

Also added were two sets of Shorts, "Averted Visions" and "Broken Portals" 

Averted Visions (shorts)
February 7th, 2015
Director(s): Various
Runtime: 86 m.

Zerogon (US) d: John Mattiuzzi & Joshua Plan 4 m,; Making Friends 7m,; CTRL 3m.; Raker 13m.;
Come Sweet Earth 1m., The Spell Tutor (Can) d: Herman Wang 5m.; The Astronomer 23m.; 2028 8m.;
Sleeping Emigrant (US) d: Lisa Stock 12m.; Alien Communciations (US) d: Kurtis & Kris Theorin 10m. 

Broken Portals (shorts)
February 7th, 2015
Director(s): Various
Runtime: 86 m.

Memories 25m; The Rosen Bridge 15m; Enfilade 10m; Outoboros 16m; Athena 11m; Place Where You Live 15m

More information coming soon.

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