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Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Podcasts

I put out a call for suggestions for a new set of podcast to try this year and people sure did come through. So here is a list of the one's I will try, I don't really know know much about them except most are horror themes so we shall see. Again if they do not make it to next year that is not a reflection on their quality. Sometimes the content, sometimes the personalities and sometimes just how someone sounds can make me drop the cast. Sometimes I just decide to whittle down what I am listening to and they are on the bottom half of what I like that year. So if you are a participant on a podcast I stop listening no offense intended. NOT THAT ANYONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT WHAT I DECIDE TO LISTEN TO.

B3 - The Boston Bastard Brigade

The Bloodcast

Boys and Ghouls

The Doctor Who Podcast

Faculty of Horror

Horrorshow Hot Dog

Ice-T: Final Level

The Jagaloons Podcast 
Killer POV

Knifepoint Horror

Moment of Clarity

The No Sleep Podcast

The 80s Picture House podcast


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