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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some ideas on Ratings

A note on the 1-100 scheme. Any time you rate a movie it is 100% subjective to the tastes of the rater. By no means am I an expert although I try to follow some basic rules to make the rating resonable.
Rating is based on personal preference but within the genre, I do not look at a 90 action movie and a 90 drama movie and consider them equal in value. In an action movie, pace, effects and creative movement are most important. In a drama character development subtext and dialog will be more important, so each has a value within the category not combined.
All movies have some value, you will never see a zero in the ratings. There are people putting there sweat into these no matter how much I disliked them.
No picture is perfect but I see value even in imperfect movies so sometimes a score will seem higher because although the movie was not great there were, scenes, music, performances that caught my eye.
Movies are not just entertainment, I here alot that "it was entertaining", but sometime the purpose of a movie is to provoke emotions other than amusement and tears or leave you feeling good at the end. I value this as much as any purpose so if you thought a score high for something that you thought as not entertaining it may be because that was not the movie's purpose.

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