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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 movies... Comedy

In 2008 I only saw 4 comedies and I have to say 3 of the four were good . I often do not enjoy comedy as much as darker material so I tend not to see much and like less. This year though the ones I saw were well funny and good movies to boot.
  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (90)
  2. Tropic Thunder (87)
  3. Be Kind Rewind (78)
  4. Meet the Spartans (7)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was excellent as a movie and a comedy. I love Dracula the musical with puppets, just wonderful. I want to marry Mila Kunis, and just sleep with Kristin Bell. Tropic Thunder is the first Ben Stiller movie I have ever seen. (Stiller lovers- I don't care)Be Kind rewind had heart even with the predictable ending. Meet the Spartans, one giant gay joke that was not funny.

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