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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2017 BOOKS! What I read last year.

 2017 initially I thought was going to be a slow year for reading but it steadily built all year until late in the year I was devouring the GOT books one after another.  I had a real mix this year with politics filling my mind the beginning of the year  but soon I was branching out to different interests , travel, movies etc. until by the end of the year I think I have a well rounded list of finished books. This is not a review page more of a sharing of what struck my reading nerve this year. Feel free to write to me and tell me what you have read, I am always looking for new ideas.

Life at the Top: Weather, Wonder and High Cuisine from the Mount Washington Observatory by Eric Pinder - A slightly corny look at life at the top of the New England part of the world. Geared so even kids can enjoy it does not delve too deeply into the science but instead tells tales and shares recipes in a more light hearted way.
Twitter: @EricPinder 

Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders - Sanders tells stories about his failed Presidential campaign and then lays out a strategy to transform America into a country that works for all its citizens and not just the well connected or extremely wealthy. I really needed such a hopeful book after the horrible elections where a lying misogynist bigot was elected with the sole agenda to rape wealth from the middle class to benefit the wealthy. (too strong?)
Twitter: @SenSanders

The Argento Syndrome by Derek Botelho - A fan of Dario Argento who has met and spent time with the Italian director is a wonderful examination of his filmography interspersed with interview with the actor who worked with him and Botelho's own recollections. A very appropriate book for any Argento fan.
Twitter: @DerekBotelho

The Modern Presidency by James P. Pfiffner - After the disastrous election cycle in 2016 I needed to do something to ground myself in the working of our sometimes fine democracy. This book somewhat fairly works through the machinations of how the modern presidency is constructed and operates giving examples through many modern presidents. More of a book for college Students it hit the spot just right as far as giving information.

Utopia for Realists and How we Get There. by Rutger Bregman - Read a review of it by Matt Tiabbi over at Rolling Stone and decided to give  it a read. Entertaining and informative with quite a nice bit of humor, it presents many progressive ideas that could have been and more that still could be. Again railing from the fall out of the elections I really needed to focus in on some more positive information.
Twitter: @rcbregman

A Short History of Italy by Henry Dwight Sedgwick  - A really well written more ancient history of Italy, coming all the way up to into renaissance and all the way to the start of the 20th century. The writing is crisp and clear a really enjoyable book. Even though it was written quite a while ago it is still a really good read. I often need some sort of history fix during the year and this book was a great way to get it.

Dream Nation: Puerto Rico Culture and Fictions of Independence by Maria Acosta Cruz - Before the horrible hurricane my wife and I spend a short getaway in Puerto Rico and I wanted to know more about this island territory of the United States. This book explores the parallel drives of  Puerto Rico people on one hand voting repeatedly against becoming an independent country while on the other having a cultural and pop cultural drive through words and music that embrace the idea of independence. Thoroughly researched and meticulously argued it made me wish I spoke better Spanish so I could explore some of the source material.
Twitter: @macostacruz

A Game of Thrones: A Song of Fire and Ice by George R. R. Martin - I started powering through these books since I watched and enjoyed the television show, the fisrt is early story and the show followed its plot pretty closely.
Twitter: @GRRMspeaking

A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin - As the different factions vie for the Iron Throne the second book also has a mirror for the most part in the show.

A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin - Here is where the plot changes in some ways but still close with a few exceptions. At this point I still enjoy the books although Martin spends in inordinate amount of time describing food.

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