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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fangoria Oct. 2012

  Clearing space in my television room means years of hoarding has to come to an end. I have two giants stacks of magazines that I have read over the years just waiting to be sorted and or disposed of. The trouble is they can grab my attention again just by picking them up, they are all about my interests over the last twenty to 30 years. Mostly attractive women, horror movies and screenwriting are what are reflected in them. Not that these were my only interests but they are the ones that take magazine form. Looking at the books shelf above the magazine there are lots of hiking and outdoor skills books, a fair number of political philosophy, science, and film writing books as well as some comics and books about the making of various films.  I decided recently though that room has to be made, things just can't sit and collect dust, especially since new materials keep coming into the space. So out with the old and in with the new, but how to part with these beloved zines? Do I just discard them or how about reviewing some of them on my blog? Would anyone care? Maybe not all of them but some are really decent issues of this or that magazine. Then maybe I give some of them away or toss them.
  Fangoria Oct. 2012 Halloween issue:  This magazine is great because it is chalk full of interviews and this issue does not disappoint with the main feature Actress Barbara Crampton interviewing Stuart Gordon. She of course appeared in the Gordon classic Re-Animator (1985) and is a friend who sits down for a chat with him and we the readers get to listen in.
Other interviews include Damiano Damiani on Amityville II, Dwight Schultz Alone in the Dark, Mark L Lester Class of 1984, Doug Bradley who I recently saw at Rock and Shock, well because he is Doug Bradly of course, and The Devil's featuring a interview with Ken Russell enthusiast Richard Crouse. As well as so many more this magazine gives you your money's worth.
  Also are tons of articles on the films of the day coming releases and articles on the actors and actresses.
Bait 3d, FDR American Badass, Devil's Night, Velvet Road, VHS, The House at the End of the Street, Hypothermia, Sinister, Dolls, Halloween III Season of the Witch, Lovely Molly, Jaun of the Dead, Atomic Brain Invasion, Retrobution, Hammer House of Horrors, The Blood Beast Terror, Burke & Hare, The Loved One
There was a lovely article on the young actress Jodelle Ferland whose experience in the horror genre at that point made her a veteran. She is 21 years old now amazing but it was a thoughtful piece written by Michael Gingold. There is also a nice little piece on performer Kate Moir as well. All in all a very decent issue of the Magazine.

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