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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Podcast Time!

  Each year I make an attempt to try a bunch of new podcasts always looking for new and delightful things to listen to at work. I have to admit I discard them somewhat callously for any number of irrational reasons. Still each January I start with a large group and keep the ones that hold my interest through the year. Last year the following podcasts made it through to 2014. Now if you want to make suggestions to me about podcasts to add this coming year write to me at [eddie][at][edhovey][dot][com]

Alternative Cinema Podcast - It seemed to have died in November or so but I did enjoy it while it lasted. Hopefully those folks will resurrect it.

Best of the Left - Progressive leaning media clips organized into subjects. One of the Best podcast out there.

Black Astronauts Podcast - Guys and girls hanging out shooting the shit and in general having some good positive fun. I think I am white guy #2 listening to the show.

Bloody Good Horror -  Like all horror podcasts its about the personalities, this is a fine group of guys and although I don't always agree with their opinions who really expects that. Still interesting horror themed banter.

Common Sense with Dan Carlin - Sometimes a bit libertarian for my tastes but always well thought out positions on a wide range of topics.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History -  A great in depth history podcast. If you like history or even if you don't want to continue to be a dumb as a rock.

Feakonomics Radio - Sometime the narrowness of looking at things from an economic viewpoint can be annoying but mostly it is an interesting show.

The Left Show -  I have to admit I have come close to dropping this one several times. It gets a little local politics for my liking and since those politics are Dems in Utah they really don't always connect with my Massachusetts thinking.

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast - Comedian Bill Burr puts aside and hour a week to talk to you about what he is up to, plugging his gigs and giving advice to people who write in. Always amusing and sometime hilarious it's a pleasure to listen to a fellow Boston guy about my age riff.

The Moth podcast - Although they have yet to feature the best storyteller I know, My wife Elisa Pearmain, they do have some really great tellers.

Point Of Inquiry - Again a podcast that barely made it through to this year. Originally the Center for Inquiry did a much better job at this but recently the shorter less personal approach has been bothering me.

ScreamQueenz Horror Podcast - Often funny and entertaining definitely unique it is one Queenz take on horror. "Take your host Patrick (aka. “The Angriest Redhead in New York City”). Mix in his nearly rabid love for (and encyclopedic knowledge of) horror movies. Add his notoriously wicked sense of offbeat humor. Sprinkle on some sparkling gay repartee. Serve with a heaping portion of jaw-dropping potty mouth, and what have you got? A deliciously unpredictable horror podcast with a decidedly BENT point of view with a host who always knows which fork to use to stick in your eye."

Now the couple that I had dropped but recently brought back are:

Dead Lantern's Splattercast - Infused with new life with the addition of the Original Zombiegrrlz Rachel they seem to be hitting a nice stride. I like the Explodey Files from this group also but unforunately those poccasts have been few and far between.

Totally Laime - Getting a bit annoyed when I started listening to the Totally Married spin off of this often very funny interview podcast I dropped both. Well somewhere in November though I started missing the original and am glad to be back.  Elizabeth and Andy are very funny and I missed their easy humor with each other.

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