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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching up from vacation...

So if you have not noticed the soresport has been on vacation and off playing discgolf. I played in the 2011 Am World Championships in Rochester NY and came in 56th in a field of 74 in the Adv. Mens division.
I have seen a few films the last couple weeks and will briefly talk about them below.

Captain America (2011) - Besides the early scenes in the film you would not even know this film was set in WWII. Early on you see news reels at a movie theater talking about the Nazi's and the war effort, the scene is used well to establish the main character. Then after you see fantasized view of NYC the film is basically a separate world. I guess you can not really market Nazi toys in today's society so instead we get a secret offshoot of them call Hydra. The main bad guy leader of Hydra, Red Skull and Captain America have similar origin stories, but very different results. Still the special formula served its purpose and the two end up in an epic montage of battles where the superior firepower of Hydra is no match for the multicultural troop following the guy with the shield. The ridiculousness of this one included:
  • A B2 stealth looking bomber with eight propellers, this is a group with freaking laser guns here and they have a propeller plane.
  • While I am at it what was with labeling each bomb with the name of an American city, really? On the nose much.
  • A mysterious cube for hydra energy that if I remember correctly will come into play again when The Avengers movie comes out.
  • Capt has a metabolism 4x that of normal folks but does not seem to need to eat 12x a day. He can't get drunk though which I suppose is a good thing the way he throws that shield around.
Overall the movie is a passable action movie with a decent enough origin story and ending so
Rating (5.2) 5.0 and up are recommended.

We Are The Night (2010) - The description of this film on comcast makes one think of sexy vampires seducing their man prey but boy is that NOT this movie. This foreign poorly dubbed to English film was a sad tale of a trio of female vampires who bring a fourth young woman into the group only to have some really negative consequences from the action. A grittier side of vampirism is explored where once the relationships among the women was young and exciting now it is old and tense. A reasonable film if a bit slow this one just barely misses a recommendation.
Rating (4.8) 5.0 and up are recommended.

[rec]2 (2009) - Rewatched this with my daughter now that I own a copy and I have to say I really enjoyed it the second time around. You can read my review on the side links of this site but boy as a 1-2 punch rec and rec2 are a great thing to happen to horror movies in a long time.

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