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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zombie Holocaust by David Flint

Zombie Holocaust : How the Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture, by David Flint - I have never done a book review on this blog but with several books as gifts this year I will give it a shot. This book is really a survey of the history of zombies in pop culture. It is by no means a comprehensive rendering of the history but there is enough meat to at least make it interesting. David Flint goes through the myriad of Zombie movies, shows, games, books etc and gives his opinion about how they fit into the culture. Unfortunately he does not seem to have been an insider and anyone who is a fan of this sub genre will probably be aware of most that is relayed in this quick read. Only 224 pages filled with images the book blasts through pop culture and zombies barely taking the time to let you digest the titles before zipping on to the next chapter. It is more of a freshman 101 class than a Zombies advanced class. If you are not a great fan of Zombies but wanted to get caught up to date in a week then this is the book for you. If like me you are steeped in the genre already than you will probably be doing what I did and disagreeing with the authors opinions of zombie classics and not so classics. Either way this is a "no harm, no foul" book. It will not be nutritious for those who devour this content but it is a great snack if you want something light.
Rating (3.8 for fans) 5.0 and up are recommended Rating two: 5.0 if you are a newby looking for a quick read.

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