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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 - 100 movies reviewed

Wow! 100 movies reviewed. That was hard to do and not always enjoyable but hey I did it so patting myself on the back for just a minute here. This year I attended two film festivals, First in Febuary The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, the event expanded this year to ten days at the Somerville Theater in beautiful Somerville Massachusetts. I bought the full pass and had a great time throughout the week, then it culminated with the 35th annual Boston Science Fiction Marathon, it was my 21st thon and I already have my tickets for the upcoming Festival.

In October I attended the Terrorthon 10 Festival in the same place, put on with J. Cannibal I have a week of horror goodness.

Also this year I started attending horror nights put on at the very same Somerville Theater by All Things Horror Online These local and independent showing really are a good night out with Real Horror fans.

The Numbers:
2010 Releases 15 - I recommended all but two of the 2010 releases I saw this year. The top ten being:
The Killer Inside Me
The Wolfman
Piranha 3-D
Shutter Island
There was also a fine documentary Herschell Gordon Lewis: Godfather of Gore

The movies I missed in 2009 and or revisted 22 came out in 2009 that I saw last year. The best 10?
Inglorious Bastards
District 9
Broken Embraces
Dead Snow
House of the Devil
The Horde
[Rec] 2
The Hangover

There was also a big number of 2000-2008 films (25) but not many had recommended in their reviews, The best of the bunch were:
Sleep Dealer
Famous Monster: Forrect J Ackerman
From Within
The Children

The best of the rest:
The Thing (1982)
Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
Colossus:The Forbin Project (1970)
Bucktown (1975)
L' Antichristo (1974)
Deep Red (1975)
Dark City (1998)

I was able to participate in the Finalgirl film club twice with
House of the Devil (2009) and Sugar Hill (1974)

I also ran into a few very good foreign films, The strange and obsessive Thirst (2009), The action packed The Chaser and recently reviewed Ghost story The Appeared (2007)

Of the 100 movies watched this year 60 were recommended but considering how many movies I buy in the discount bins I think that is very good. Of the 62 movies that I reviewed that came out in the last decade I recommended 43 of them.

I am really looking forward to another great year of movie watching. I hope you are too!

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