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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trapped Ashes (2006) - Horror

Trapped Ashes (2006) - A tour guide (Henry Gibson) picks up his motley crew of VIP guests for a tour of the old movie studio. As they drive around on what seems a lame tour, they come to the set house for the movie "Hysteria". The group convinces the guide they should go in and see the house. When inside they split up but each end up in a room with no apparent way out. The guide suggests that the follow the script from the movie and each tell their scariest story. So we have the film premise as each couple or single person shares a scary story. It seemed like a long setup and poorly constructed. Really you are going to tell stories to get out of the room? Okay so even if it is part of the tour isn't it a lot to go through?
Well then the stories start with "The Girl with the Golden Breasts" in which Phoebe (Rachel Veltri) tells a tale of her breast implants. Suddenly this little film is a lot like the show, The Hunger without the overbearing host. She tells her tale of how her alien breast implants need to feed on blood. Horrifying in that it ruins breasts forever, well at least until the image of the carnivorous boobies fades from memory.
In "Stanley's Girlfriend" The Great John Saxon tells of a girlfriend gone wrong. Nathalie (Michele-Barbara Pelletier) tells the story of her father and stepmother and how they died, as well as her relationship with her "Twin". Not the most impressive of the tales. and in Jibuku there is sex and scares and damnation. All of these tales wrapped up with the start and finish in the scary house.
Overall the tales are a bit hard on the women involved. They are alien deformities, cheating wives, murderous children, and life sucking witches, with the men in their lives as hopeful heroes or in most cases hapless victims. The stories are not really sexy enough to be erotica or scary enough to be horror, instead it is a mish-mash of both.
Rating (4.8) 5.0 and up are recommended In the Zombiegrrlz Rating system I would say Maybe rent it.

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