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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[ Rec] 2 (2009) Horror

[ Rec] 2 (2009) - Starting the story moments after the end of the story in [Rec] we join the film with a group of SWAT team members getting their cameras and gear ready as they travel to enter the apartment of the first movie. The group is introduced to a "doctor"Dr. Owen (Jonathan Mellor) who will be the leader when they enter the building. Not thrilled that they will have to wait for Owen's voice recognition in order to be let out of the building makes the SWAT Captain, Jefe (Oscar Zafra) pissed. Still he is a man who know how to take orders and the team with Owen enter the buiding recording POV all the while. Very quickly we learn that the zombies are actually possessed beings and Dr. Owens is actually a priest sent in by the vatican to get a sample of blood of the original possessed girl. The SWAT team is his protection as they search for the sample. Like in the first movie things get crazy fast as the possessed find them in their searching. On top of this is a group including a resident, firefighter, and three teens with a camcorder who get in through the cellar before it is sealed up. This creates enough bodies for mayhem and chaos and we do not have to wait long for it. We learn the very interesting back story of how the possession epidemic started and it is a original and interesting idea. Then it is again a survival story including the beautiful reported from the first movie, Angela (Manuela Velasco) who comes into the film about 3/4 of the way through. No spoilers here so you will have to watch to find out the outcome.
I liked this movie with one real reservation. Since it was developed as a POV shot film in real time, I was a bit put off by a couple times where we go rewind time to see first the teens group and how they got into the building, and then the reporter and her story. It took it out of time to show us some needed story development but it just did not fit in well with the rest. Not a big thing for me but I noticed it.
Rating (7.4)

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