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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Latest Lineup for 35th Annual Boston SCI-FI Marathon

THE LATHE OF HEAVEN (1980)- Classic PBS TV SF film based on the Ursula Le Guin story. One of the best made for TV SF films. This will be a DVD projection. THE THING (1982) - The now classic John Carpenter remake of last year's Marathon hit, both based on the John W. Campbell Jr.'s SF classic story. Features Kurt Russell and Rob Bottin's trailblazing makeup effects!

THE GIANT GILA MONSTER - 50s creature feature with hot rods and cold lizards! For more on GIANT GILA MONSTER and it's star Don Sullivan, read excerpts from my interview with Don:

Previously announced:
DISTRICT 9 - This year's highly acclaimed SF thriller from down under.

DAY THE SKY EXPLODED (La Morte Viene Dello Spazio) - This super rare title is an interesting Italian-French co-production directed by Paolo Heusch and the Cinematographer was the great Mario Bava (PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES).

9 Expanded from an Oscar nominated short subject.

COLOSSUS: THE FORBIN PROJECT (1970): An all-time Marathon computer classic returns!

MOON (2009) Award-winning film by David Bowie's son features Sam Rockwell :

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