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Monday, April 13, 2009

Stitches (2001) Horror

Stitches (2001) - A low budget horror movie which takes the tried and used story of a Demon trying to take the souls in a boarding house to prove herself to the Devil. She takes the form of Miss Albright (Elizabeth Ince) and goes after each persons soul through their weaknesses getting them to agree to give up "anything". The story is pretty bland in execution with very little tension or even a bit of concern about how it will all come out. You know from the beginning that the demon will find a tricky way to get them all and she does. Mostly because the demon is the main character and everyone else is a bit player. If the story had focused on the people in the house you may have been fool more about how the story would end. Still Tempe and Full Moon does a competent job at making horror movies so it had some value.
Rating (3.7)

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